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Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Penning and fishing go hand in hand. A very popular past time for holiday makers and locals and most are rewarded with a catch of the day!

Fishing north of the Pennington Main Beach is good for garrick and brusher, while Umdoni Park in the South has deeper waters frequented by sharks. Further south, off the caravan park, are scattered reefs extending out to sea. This area is good for rock lobster, kingfish and big game fish during the sardine run season. Further North scattered reefs run about 15m+ in, all the way to station reef at Park Rynie. A good area to pick up a mixed bag of fish and rock lobster.

Come and experience the extraordinary and exhilarating annual Sardine Run in the winter months. Huge shoals of Sardines migrating along the coast are forced together, herded by Dolphins, as Birds, Sharks, Seals and Game Fish feast of the ball of Sardines.

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